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Tow Administrator

Integrated Tools

• VIN Decoder
• Text Messaging to Mobile Devices
• Impound Charges Calculator
• Distance and Directions Calculator
• Real-Time Call Dispatching
• Integrated Internet Browser
• Link external files to invoices
• Bulk Update Tool for Invoices
• Create Appointments and Tasks with Automatic Reminders
• Print Manager for High Volume Printing
• Integrated Invoice Templates and Invoice Copy Capabilities
Administrative Tools

• 15 Detailed Security Settings per User
• Free Integrated Networking Capabilities
• Free Multi-User Environment
• Enable multiple companies on one system
• Backup and Restore Assistant Utility

XILYXIS® Tow Administrator™ Services

• Lease Includes Free Updates
• Lease Includes Tow Admin™ Enhancements
• Tow Admin™ Technical Support Included
• No Hidden Fees for Installation or Upgrades!
Program Personalization

• Configuration Manager
• Property Account Manager
• Customer Account Manager
• Company Information
• Truck and Employee Information
• Agency and Court Jurisdictions
• Charge Lists
• Unlimited Owner and Interested Party Entries per Invoice
• Printer Configuration Manager
Productivity Reporting

• Daily Vital Statistics and Summary Report
• Use the Advanced Search System and print reports from the results to create custom reports
• Track fuel and maintenance expenses AND correlate them with truck productivity reports to identify profitable and un-profitable trucks!
• Return on Investments reports
• Employee Productivity reports
• Billing and Accounts Receivables
Billing Resources

• Aged billing: Interest is compounding, set amount per time period and/or percentage per time period
• Print itemized Billing Statements, invoices and customer receipts
• Print 30/60/90 days over due reports
• Sales Journal and Income Reports
• Accounts Receivable
• Customer Statement of Accounts Screen
General Notices and Forms

• Auction and Incident Reports
• Options Notice
• Collections Notice
• Return Check Notice
• Payment Contract
• Vehicle Inspection Report
• Transport/Tow Log Book
• Important Legal Notice to RO
• Suspended License/Redemption Instructions
Financial Reporting

• Export to QuickBooks
• Sales Journal
• Income Reports
• Accounts Receivable
• Vehicle Expenditures
• Return on Investments
General Reporting

• Daily reports due print reminders
• Envelopes and Address Labels
• Invoice Summary Report
• Inventory and Impound Reports
• Auction reports
• Vehicle Expenditures
Inventory Management

• Dedicated Inventory Screen
• Advanced Search Screens to enable maximum flexibility in searching. Over a septillion possible combinations and still simple to use!
Integrated Call Dispatching

• Quickly Create Impound and Transport Invoices from Dispatch Calls
• Manage your trucks and the calls assigned to them from a single screen
• Seamlessly locate previous and current dispatch calls in the Database
• Easily Change Queue Assignments

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